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Are you planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas? If so, it is the ideal city to have it in. After all, it is advertised that what happens in Sin City stays there. Before his walk down the aisle, the groom can have one last party without the bride finding out all the details.

You probably plan on the group spending time in the casinos and catching at least one show. However, what about the entertainment for the groom and the rest of the guys? A Las Vegas escort might be just what you need to throw an epic bachelor party that will be remembered for years.

Why Hire a Las Vegas Escort

There are several reasons why hiring an escort for your bachelor party is a great idea. First, the groom gets to spend a few of his last hours as a single man with a beautiful woman perched on his knee or hanging off his arm.

An escort can also ensure that everyone at the party is having the time of his life. Escorts keep the party running smoothly, so even the best man can relax and enjoy the party he planned.

Escorts can keep the drinks flowing and take charge of managing the party. This service might cost extra, just ask about the various entertainment packages when you are booking the escort or escorts. You can book more than one gorgeous lady. This is something you might want to consider if your bachelor party has more than three or four guests.

The groom is not the only one at the Las Vegas bachelor party that wants to kick back and enjoy himself.

Something for Everyone

Las Vegas escorts know that guys have different tastes and expectations. They can quickly survey the room and see who looks uncomfortable or worse bored. With a few words or a flirty glance, an escort can have everyone comfortable and excited about the party.

Do you want a themed bachelor party? This isn’t a problem. No matter the theme, Las Vegas escorts can make it happen. The escort will arrive dressed appropriately for the party. Whether it is a sports jersey, Roman toga, or anything in between. You can expect the ladies to look and act the part you hired them to play.

All you need to do is relax with the bachelor once the ladies arrive and enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

Choose from a variety of Las Vegas Escorts knows that guys have different tastes in women. Some like brunettes, while others only want to look at blondes. Ethnicity tastes also vary, which is why EscortsTonight has a wide selection of beautiful women for you to choose from.

Imagine having the ideal woman entertaining at the bachelor party. It could be the one evening that everyone invited will be talking about for years.

Along with being able to pick the perfect escorts for bachelor parties, you can also be assured that she will perform exactly to your requested specifications.

What to Expect From Your Escort


If this is your first time hiring a Las Vegas escort, you probably have questions. The main one is what you should expect.

You should expect to have a beautiful woman to show up, dressed exactly how you specified. If the party doesn’t have a theme or you didn’t request any particular style of dress, expect your escort to be dressed to impress any male libido.

When it comes to nudity during the show, this is up to you. You can request partial nudity if this will make the groom and guests more comfortable.

There will be a show, and it will be unforgettable.

You should expect plenty of sensual teasing, often from a distance. There can even be lap dances for the groom alone or for all the guests. The limits for the show are what you requested during the booking. Let your imagination run wild. You can even request different costumes for different parts of the evening.

Yes, you can also tip during the show. This is often part of the fun.

Throw a Bachelor Party to Remember

There’s nothing wrong with having a bachelor party at a crowded bar or nightclub. However, you are missing out. Hiring an escort and reserving a hotel suite will ensure that the night is memorable for something other than the annoying drunks you typically run into at the club.

At you get exactly what you expect. Beautiful women that have only one job. To make the night as memorable as possible for everyone at the bachelor party, but especially for the groom.